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    Ernesto Ancira Jr., Owner

    The San Antonio native, who branded his automotive empire into a household name, still asserts a gentle humility, which he says is based on the gratitude he holds for many people who significantly touched his life, both on a personal and professional level. Ancira's legacy has lined a commitment bestowed by those who represent the Ancira brand; the people behind the operation who dedicate long hours to a team vision that is unsurpassed. "Everything you do involves a team effort." Ernesto asserts. "You can't work individually, you must know your limitations. But if you surround yourself with people who compliment your abilities and talents and who cover your shortcomings you can put a whole team together.I may not know how to personally overhaul an engine, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to put together the best shop in town." That's what Ancira set out to do almost 40 years ago, and that's exactly what he has accomplished today.

    Kevin Ketner, Vice President


    Kevin has been part of the Ancira Team since 1992. Starting as a Parts & Service Director he has been fortunate to grow with the company and assist with its development as it has expanded. In 2005 he became the Vice President of Ancira RV. He follows the guidance of Mr. Ancira who always says “Our strength is in our employees, our terrific facilities, our stellar reputation & our dedication to take the utmost care of our customers as we sell, service & maintain their auto & RV needs”. Kevin is passionate about his career with Ancira and does not consider his job “work” but rather a chance to have fun & sell dreams!

    Roger Adams, Store Manager


    Roger is the RV Sales Manager and has been part of the Ancira Team since March of 1999. He has a wife and one beautiful daughter who shares is "sense of humor"!! He enjoys his pool, plants and pets. He also enjoys traveling and is a master at finding deals when on-line shopping!

    Deanna Chadwell, Business Office Manager


    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit". -Aristotle Deanna is the Business Manager at the Boerne store and she joined the Ancira Team in 1994.


    Mickey Davila, Finance Director


    Mickey is the RV Finance Manager and moved to the Boerne store after spending 6 years at our Ancira Nissan store. He started with Ancira in March of 2010 in car sales. Mickey is married and has 4 children. Mickey can usually be found around his swimming pool or out on one of the local lakes - HE LOVES TO WAKE BOARD and be out on his boat with family and friends!!


    Pete Ciomperlik, Service Manager


    Pete is part of our RV Service Team and he has been with Ancira since Sept of 1989.

    Jim George, Service Advisor


    Jim is with our Service Team and has been with the company since August of 2002. He enjoys being out by this pool and traveling.

    Tim Lalanne, Service Advisor


    Tim is in RV Service has been part of the Ancira Team since April of 1985. He loves to cook & has been a World Championship Chili Cook-off Judge since 1996.

    Jim Ward, Service Advisor


    Jim joined the Ancira Team in Nov of 2014 as a dispatcher for Ancira KIA and then moved to a Service Advisor position in 2016. As of June 2016, he moved to the Boerne store as an RV Service Advisor. He has been in the automotive industry for 15 years and 5 years with a automotive chemical company.

    Howard Tate, Service Director


    Howard is the Service Director for RV's and has been with Ancira since Aug of 1997.


    Chris Green, Parts Manager


    Chris joined Ancira as our Parts Manager in August of 2016. He has over 23 years in the parts industry. He comes to us here in Boerne from Las Vegas Nevada. He also has a background in automotive mechanics, body, paint, welding and chassis fabrication. Chris lives in Boerne with his Wife and their three pets.

    Lee Gil, Assistant Parts Manager


    Lee joined Ancira in October of 1970 which makes him one of longest employed people here at the company!! He worked in Parts and the Body Shop at our Chevy Store and RV Service and GM Service in Boerne. He found "his home" in Parts at the Boerne Store. He is married with two children, 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. He enjoys going out to eat with his adorable wife!

    James Pyetzki, Back Parts Counter

    James has been part of the Ancira Parts Team since May of 1997.


    Sheryl Cook, Administrative Assistant


    Sheryl is new to the Ancira RV Team and enjoys working with all the great people here! It is very rewarding to see our customers leave here so satisfied. Ancira helps make peoples dreams come true!! Sheryl has a husband who adores her and two beautiful daughters.

    Vicente Razo, Sales Lot Attendant

    Vicente has been a part of the Ancira Team 26 years. He is dedicated, hardworking & always there to lend a helping hand.

    Steve Lyons, Sales Consultant


    Steve has been part of the Ancira RV Sales Team for over 30 years. He has held the title of "Salesman Of the Year" every year. His passions are ranching, golf & selling "wheel-estate".....to be continued!

    Fred Flickinger, Sales Consultant


    Fred has been a part of the Ancira Team since September of 93'. Over the years he has worn many hats including Service Advisor, Service Dispatcher & Make Ready Manager. For the last 16 years he has been an RV Salesman & prides himself as the "Techie-guy" of our RV products. His great passion is his family of 5 children, 10 grandchildren & 5 great-grandchildren.

    Trenton Smith, Sales Consultant


    Trenton has been on the Ancira Team since '91. He has worked in many departments including Parts & Service. Since 2002 he has held the position of RV Salesman. In his off time he enjoys spiritual pursuits & spending time with his wife of over 40 years.

    Gordon Walser, Sales Consultant


    Gordon has been part of the Ancira RV Sales Team for 3 years.

    Griz Harkins, Sales Consultant


    Griz has been on the Ancira RV Sales Team 10 fun filled years. He truly enjoys what he does and believes that RVing is a lifestyle of enjoyment and relaxation that folks have worked hard for. He is a dedicated member of First Baptist Church of Boerne & His favorite pastimes are working outdoors & archery.

    Tom Campitelli, Sales Consultant


    Tom is new to our Ancira Team after spending many years as a business entrepreneur. He is married and has one son. His son (a Junior) plays football for UMHB - In 2016 the team won the NCAA D-3 National Title with a 15-0 Record!!! While living and working in Alaska and Florida, he had many wonderful opportunities to RV and travel to some great fishing areas in both locations.

    Lavoy Volesky, Sales Consultant


    LaVoy has been a part of the Ancira RV Sales Team for 2 years. He takes pride in his job, being positive & helping others. He believes RVing represents family time and can make memories that will last a lifetime. LaVoy states "Many say "Rving is a dream of mine"... I'm here to say, your dream can come true". His joys in life are his wife, 4 children, 6 grandsons and 1 granddaughter

    Joe Gonzales, Sales Consultant


    Joe is new to the Ancira RV Sales team. He has 3 years experience in the RV industry as well as 20 years of finance experience. He enjoys spending time with his children & grandchildren.

    Gary Taylor, Sales Consultant


    Gary has been part of the Ancira RV Sales Team 5 years. He has over 27 years of experience in the RV industry. He is an alumni of Texas Tech University and proudly served in the Air Force.

    Jeremy Dunlap, Sales Consultant


    Jeremy is new to our Ancira Team and we are glad to have him on board! He inherited his love of RV's from his grandfather. When not out serving our customers, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his lovely wife and three children.

    Mitch Yager, Sales Consultant


    Mitch has been with Ancira RV since 2013. As an active RV'er himself, he understands what it means to be part of the RV lifestyle! When not helping customers get into a RV of their own, Mitch is out in his RV with his wife and 3 children!